There is NOTHING out there addressing this topic- So here goes...
First- Credit to Steven and Dan at DMC...

Tools required-

Ratchet extension- approx. 3 inches long
13 mm socket
17 mm crows foot
10 mm deep socket
1 and 1/16 open end wrench
17 mm open end wrench
a Bible

Easy parts first-

1) Remove nut (13mm) from pivot point at front of shift cable ( located near fuel accumulator).

2) Remove cable retainer bracket (held by two 10 mm bolts)-(also located near fuel accumulator).

3) Pull inside shift cable all the way forward. You should feel/hear transmission shifting)

Now the hard part

4) Follow cable to where it meets the transmission (pass side). Cable screws into a yoke, which screws into the transmission housing. The yoke consists of a nut (1 and 1/16 in) attached to a 4 inch tube. The cable also has a nut (17 mm). Essentially, one nut (cable) screws into another nut (yoke).

They want you to remove the cable, without removing the yoke. This means that somehow, you must keep the nut on the yoke from turning, while using a crows foot (17mm) and 3 inch extension to loosen the cable nut. (I found this IMPOSSIBLE to do) ( I also cursed every Delorean engineer who ever lived)

Instead, I backed out the cable and yoke together. I then unscrewed the center of the cable from the thin male stud inside the transmission.

I, then, separated the yoke from the cable once it was out of the car.

Installed new shift cable into yoke (while still off the car).

Then, CAREFULLY screwed inner cable back onto male stud inside transmission. Then screwed yoke into transmission housing. (17mm crows foot with extension)

You may have to drop transmission pan in order to attach the inner cable to the thin stud inside of transmission. ( I got lucky on mine).

5 ) Re-assemble front pivot nut, and bracket. Maybe add some lube to pivots.

So needlessly difficult. Car could have been built in a way that would have made this job a breeze.
Good Luck !