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Thread: New DeLorean owner, Going to build a Time Machine

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    New DeLorean owner, Going to build a Time Machine

    Hello member and new DeLorean owner, Vin# 4202. Black/Auto and yes I know thatís the wrong combo for a Time Machine but itís a nice car and donít wanna mess with shifting a replica with all that stuff in the way.

    Been talking to Video Bob. Heís an awesome guy! Thinking about self building too. Any advice out there?

    Also is there an app for the forum so itís more mobile friendly?

    My new car came with a few cool pieces already too! It was previously owned by Terry Matalas. Pics of my new car attached.


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    Great looking car! If you are looking at builders, there are threads here about experiences with all of them (Video Bob, Bruce Coulombe, Danny Botkin, and others I'm sure I'm missing). That will help you make the best decision for you!

    Congrats on the purchase!
    David Proehl

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    Hello there! Congrats on your purchase! While there is no app for the forum, I highly recommend Tapa Talk
    Jesse Baker
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