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    New Owner Build

    In February I picked up this car that was last registered in '99, not running, but otherwise in great shape with low miles. Going to get it on the road and see if the chassis is as fun as it looks. If so, it will likely get a motor swap as I have a problem with keeping things stock and like to be drunk with power. lol

    I'll update this thread as time goes on, but daily updates are made on instagram at @lamborfuucckinghini

    it's in good company

    first meeting of my cars

    new parts

    Original brake calipers are seized. Now for the fun . . . F355 brakes. First up, new wheels. Going to be running square set up.

    New wheels back from powdercoating

    Tires courtesy of Toyo

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    New wheels powder coated and 235/50R15 R888r added.

    Have some KW's en route to clean up that ride height

    fixed the broken antenna and saved some weight

    Doesn't look too bad for sitting for 20 years

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    These showed up from KW . . . now I can kill the pre-runner stance.

    Oh, and working on those new brakes. Stock front wheels definitely won't work

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    Onto the car . . .



    This car is seriously low

    There is a lot of work to do to get this set up to work, but this is a good start. It ended up getting over 4" of drop when KW advertises a 1.3" drop.

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    Onto more updates. . .

    My fabricator just so happens to be a suspension engineer. He took a quick look at the front of the car and noted that the front wheels should be moved rearward to provide adequate clearance and based on the design of the front suspension, the sway bar doubles as a torsion bar, he added some spacers to it and the wheels/tires now clear the fender. Much easier to gain clearance than what we were expecting.



    He also raised it a bit:

    He went ahead and rolled all the fenders for extra clearance.

    He is also making some brackets to allow 1-2 degrees of camber on the front. Will obviously help with handling, but also will help give even more clearance for the front tire.

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    When lowering the car to this level, the front tires end up with 1 degree of negative camber. By modifying the upper control arm, we were able to get 3.5 degrees of negative camber at this level (can go with less camber) and sill able to service the joints. For reference the rear is at 3 degree of negative camber without any adjustment. If the car was higher, the degree of negative camber would be decreased.


    Is there any interest in negative camber adjustment for the front? We can make plates to allow DIY modification or the upper arms could be sent to the fabricator for modification.

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