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Thread: John Hervey passed away

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMCVegas View Post
    That's a bummer. I'm really sorry to hear that. John did a lot to help the DeLorean community. Most notably starting with his alternators (I still have a D150 that whistles) which helped us all a great deal. He was definitely a breath of fresh air because he appeared at the right time. People take for granted now the amount of vendors and choices we have. There was though a time starting 20 years ago when our supplies were then dwindling because their existence were unknown. This then became coupled with the fact that another well known vendor (who I am told has since long passed away) started banning people from purchasing parts simply because they dared to simply participate in online discussions. These were indeed dark times. Many owners and enthusiasts had anxiety about parts supplies.

    When John arrived on the scene, he really became a great hope for us all that we had a new vendor. Not to mention that he also was willing to competitively price parts and helped reduce overall parts prices. Even if you've never purchased a single part from him, I promise that you've benefitted from his business due to the competition he created. True, his business did have some growing pains. I can't lie, he wasn't the worlds best book keeper, that's for sure. Then there was the confusion between "Special-T-Auto" and Darryl Tinnerstet's "Specialty Automotive" in Washington that added to much confusion for buyers, and consternation for Darryl (probably even a factor as to why he retired from the business). Plus his rapid expansion of parts had it's hiccups. From auto trans harnesses, to parts that weren't quite 100% compatible per se, his communication skills, and that previously mentioned book keeping.

    But none the less, he did help test new designs and test new parts, and again, helped push the community and get cars onto the road. DMCH is certainly the hero of the marque, but John was also there as another character who helped lend a hand too with his website that even I window shopped and occasionally purchased from.

    Rest well, John. You've earned it, and will be missed.
    I remember the DeLorean community from the late 1990s quite differently. DMC Houston purchased the Kapac inventory in 1996 and began discovering the amount of remaining parts was far more extensive than anyone had supposed. When they unveiled their Stage Engines, new build cars, & new headquarters in 2001 it seemed like a new era of possibility. Letís not forget in the late 90s there were very few NLA parts, too. You could buy new old stock binnacles, seats, Island Twin Turbo kits, etc. There were also quite a few parts/service providers that have also since disappeared such as DeLorean One, DeLorean Motor Center, DMC Joe, Specialty Automotive, Bauerle Automotive (or do they still work on DeLoreans?), Byrne Heninger, even the DeLorean Owners Association had a retail operation that sold cosmetic, gift, vintage, & apparel items. Yes, some of those businesses became the basis for DMC Texas franchises... but Iím not entirely sure thatís a good thing? When you join the mothership you have to assimilate & your specialization goes out the window.

    I wonít deny that Hervey was initially a breath of fresh air with his affordable cross referenced & modified parts, though. And I definitely agree that John shifted the paradigm of how to approach repairing & upgrading DeLoreans. He threw out all of the old dogma that existed in the community (I canít overstate how overpowering it was back then). Sometimes he proved his doubters wrong; sometimes he failed miserably. When John first hit the scene I bought several electric components from him... each failed within a year or so. But he always tried to make it right and was always quite friendly, helpful with technical assistance, & very quick with shipment. I hated hearing he lost those attributes later on.

    One instance Iíll never forget was when John stopped and helped me when my DeLorean stranded me on the side of the road at DCS Ď04. He almost immediately figured out it was the RPM relay; and he fashioned a makeshift jumper to get the car moving. He didnít even try to get me to buy one of his relays he had back at his booth at the show. The quality of his components pushed me away from John pretty quickly, but I too am glad he shook things up in the community. In his own way, I definitely think he fostered a lot of innovation and probably inspired some of the newer independent & forward thinking DeLorean vendors too.
    Louie Golden

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    "Hervey! Hervey! Hervey!" - as heard announced at some earlier DCS's.

    I was fortunate to purchase a water pump from him back when it had a "lifetime" warranty instead of just a couple years. He honored that warranty when it died.

    Replacing my first radiator I called Grady to order one. Grady was out and told me to call Hervey since he stocks more of them and they are the same source. The next day I called Hervey to order a radiator. Hervey said to call Grady back to pay for it since I called Grady first and that he would just drop shlp it to me. Who does that kind of thing these days!? Very few.

    Good guy. He will be missed in the community.

    Quote Originally Posted by louielouie2000 View Post
    ...There were also quite a few parts/service providers that have also since disappeared such as DeLorean One, DeLorean Motor Center, DMC Joe, Specialty Automotive, Bauerle Automotive (or do they still work on DeLoreans?), ...
    Bauerle Automotive is still open and they still work on DeLoreans. Always 5 to 20 at his shop at any given time. He just does not maintain an active online presence.
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    I ordered quite a few parts from John over the years. I'll always appreciate the inovation and selection of parts he offered. I just installed a set of door struts that I ordered from him a few weeks ago. If I ever had a question, he would spend time talking through the issue on the phone.

    Rest in peace John.

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    I bought some things from John over the years. Always positive. I like his contribution to our cars.

    RIP John.

    Steering with power

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    John Hervey

    Johns web site was interesting....

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    Quote Originally Posted by SS Spoiler View Post
    Johns web site was interesting....
    Ya, I used his site often for his pictures of parts when working on my car. Good resource. He was pretty helpful with me when replacing my AC system, RIP Hervey.

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    May he rest in peace. My thoughts are with his family.
    Fan of all things DeLorean!

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    John.. bought quite a few things from him over the years and he was always friendly and very helpful over the phone.. RIP...

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    Although some had complaints about his "customer service", I found him to be very helpful and a VERY knowledgeable parts man. He was able to source a LOT of NEW stock and for many years, especially in the beginning, he was able to sell new stock while other vendors only had NOS (New Old Stock). Not only will he be missed by the Delorean community, he also sold and repaired fuel system parts for other makes that used the Bosch K-Jet. His presence also kept DMCH "honest" by being an alternate source of parts. We will see if DMCH takes advantage of that and prices on parts start moving upwards. RIP John H.
    David Teitelbaum

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    John Hervey - Obituary

    Here is a link to John's obituary. R.I.P.!/Obituary

    There is no mention of a service.
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