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Thread: Spark plug socket

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    Spark plug socket

    Is your spark plug socket hard to remove after installing the spark plug? Mine has always been a big effort to pull that socket off the plug.

    I was using an old Sears Craftsman 5/16 spark plug socket which is probably 50 years old. It turns out the OD of that socket is 0.888" and it is binding on the aluminum in the spark plug valley.

    I now used a 16 mm long socket which has an OD of 0.858" and it just pulls right off with no effort.

    Not sure if Craftsman has changed the OD now but I bet this also affected my torque of 15 foot/lbs.
    Dave M vin 03572

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    Snap on magnetic.... way worth the money....Trust me. And it is not a 5/16..

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    Can you be more specific?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SBL View Post
    Can you be more specific?
    I think he means this one:

    Dave, drill a hole in yours like the one in the pic above. Look inside the square hole and pick a side that already has a dimple for the spring loaded ball bearing on ratchets and extensions. You will then have to pull very hard or use a punch, or similar, to release the ball bearing before it will turn loose. (I found an extension with a long, flat faced pin instead of a ball bearing making it impossible to just pull it off.)
    Most of them have a rubber insert that keeps the socket from falling out. (... contributing to the problem?) When they get old, they either don't work or like to stay on the plug, a PITA to get out of a recessed hole in some heads. I just remove it, get a narrow strip of plastic (trash bag, etc.) and put it over the plug before loading the socket...

    Never noticed a Craftsman or Snap-on socket binding when installing D plugs, fwiw.

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    Don't listen to Ron; he eats sockets.

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