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Thread: Tag tax refund?

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    Tag tax refund?

    Have GA taxes changed or did I luck out, ?

    My D was/is on the old ad valorem system where the county would send me a tax bill every year based on a decreasing evaluation.

    This year it was about $90 plus the $20 tag bill, so I sent off a check for about $110 a week before my birthday.

    Three weeks later I get my tag sticker and the receipt is for only $20 plus a few dollars for “late fees”.

    Had I been put onto the new system by mistake?

    And today I get a check from the county for $78

    Any other GA had the same experience? Am I now on the $20 a year plan ?
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    They used 3 different way of calculating mine on 4 passenger vehicles.
    Check out this link with a calculator to sort it out.

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