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Thread: Replacing Fans and Fan Shroud

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    I tried replacing just my fans and shroud while also the front end recall. I had the original radiator so while removing the bolt by the passenger side connection, I broke the plastic side tank. The plastic was too weak and the force of backing the bolt out caused it to crack. An all aluminum radiator might not have this issue.

    Another problem I ran into was the the DPI shroud holes did not line up with the DMCEU radiator I got. This was an easy fix out of the car, but would be a pain if the radiator was still installed.
    I had the same issue trying to fit the DPI new fan set, one of the first IIRC! This was not an issue with the shroud simply the 35 year old rad giving up. I purchased a new rad from Ed at DMC EU and the shroud lined up perfectly with the holes (same one D-Go now sells) So I guess it's hit and miss on the hole lining up front!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Delorean Industries View Post
    The issue is not with our shrouds. They are a precision component with high tolerances held. The disclaimers for the above mentioned radiator on Delorean go is plenty to substantiate where the problem is during fitment.
    Wasn't implying problem with the shroud but like Chris said, original radiator holes could be out too. I know one of my mounting bolts on the bottom was bent.

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    Thanks for the input guys! I was able to get it done though it took 11 hours to do it myself.... the new fans are REALLY NICE! My only issue with the product itself was simply what Josh said in this thread, the tolerances are tight everywhere.

    Honestly due to the nature of trying to hang the fans onto the top three existing bolts of the radiator (without pulling the radiator out of the car), I needed them bigger so that the bolts would simply pass into the holes on the shroud. I had to drill out the holes by no more than 1/16" as the pre-drilled holes only allowed for the bolts to be screwed in.

    Josh - I am in LOVE with these fans man! They work well and have put my worries of melting things down to a minimum.
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