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Thread: AC/DMC - electric powered DeLorean

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    AC/DMC - electric powered DeLorean

    Hi All -

    I've had car #3015 for around 5 years now. This is the car that Matt Farah drove in "World's Fastest DeLorean" ( Here's some history:

    - When I bought the car, it was in terrible condition. The twin turbo GN motor was essentially blown. Wiring harness was really bad. Clutch was horrible. Interior shot. Loads of black widow spiders. I'm positive it had been sitting for years. It was more or less undrivable.
    - I talked to Matt about the car a couple years ago. He said it was the worst thing he's driven.
    - I pulled the car completely apart. Rebuilt the motor. New suspension. Frame cleaned and painted. Wiring harness replaced (painless). New clutch setup - hydraulic throw out bearing. New interior.
    - Car still sucked to drive and therefore sat in our shop for a while.
    - We built a Tesla powered Honda Accord (Teslonda -
    - With a new interest in electric power, I decided to build a 250kw inverter from scratch to drive a Nissan Leaf motor.
    - My inverter worked! Now to find a home for the Leaf motor - the DeLorean seemed like a good home.
    - I installed the Leaf motor, Gen1 Leaf Battery pack, my inverter, etc into the car.
    - It drives like a dream.
    - It will be at SEMA this year.
    - I have a lot of pictures of this build on Instagram (@gotgraham)

    These are the highlights. It's been a ton of work. I'll share some of the latest pics just to be concise. If you want to see anything specific or have questions about any of it I'll add it to this thread.

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    Quick clarification, the inverter is about 300kw. 800 phase amps @ 385v. It's roughly 350 mechanical hp if I were to push it that hard. I'm running closer to 550 phase amps right now for testing.

    The 2588lbs weight is the car complete with batteries, motor, full interior. Weight distribution has improved. 44% front, 56% rear.

    Here's some more pictures:

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    This is 100% fantastic. I saw the Teslonda at SEMA and snapped some photos. I hope I make it this year to see this in person. Great work!
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    Awesome project, thank you for sharing all the photos and details. Your conversion makes going electric seem so elegant compared to the stock engine.
    Mark Dehlinger

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    Wow, that's pretty cool! Great fabrication.

    1981 DeLorean DMC-12 (5 Speed, Gas Flap, Black Interior, Windshield Antenna, Dark Gray)
    Restored as "mostly correct, but with flaws corrected". Pictures and comments of my restoration are in the albums section on my profile.
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    Awesome work man!!

    That car has had an interesting life. It was featured in a few magazines when the engine swap was done back in the 80s. The hood was different then though I think.

    Glad you gave it a new chance at life and looks very clean!! Glad you got rid of those ugly aftermarket rims it had before.

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    Thank you! It's been quite a project.

    The aftermarket 17's were the first things to go. I replaced them with factory 15's all around. The Wilwood brakes barely clear. I had to relieve the calipers a little.

    It's an 81 model, and originally had the gas flap hood. At some point it was in a collision, so everything got replaced with later parts. The interior is / was a two tone thing. It's a mix of grey and black interior bits. I like it.

    I still have the 4.1L Grand National setup that was in it along with the 5 speed and associated bits. It's all been rebuilt and has a new McCleod clutch. I machined the bell housing for a hydro throw out bearing which made a huge difference in pedal feel. The main issue is it never felt "right" - which is probably because I didn't spend the time to dial it in. The electric conversion makes the car so smooth and torquey ... and quiet. That said, I was careful to design the conversion in such a way that it didn't make any major changes to the car. I re-purposed mounting holes, etc. Very little was changed in that regard.

    Here's a video of it driving. The tach now shows Amps x 100.

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    I was on the fence about going to sema this year (for the first time)
    This makes the decision more clear.... ha!

    Great work.

    5.3L LS4 + Subaru 6spd 314whp/348ft-lbs
    Getting it back on the road!
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    Does the heat and AC work?

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    Found this pic of your car in 1988. Wow!!
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