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Thread: What made you want a Delorean?

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    Yall rock. I absolutely love the stories.....the awesome rhymes....and even wizardry tales!

    There truly is nothing like the Delorean community!

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    I saw the car commercial and the magazines when I was a young teen....back then it was like a spaceship was landing, and it was completely awesome. Several years later I saw BTTF and was reminded of how cool it is.

    Several years after that I saw one for the first time in person; it was around 2001, parked along a main road, and for sale (7500.) I wanted to buy it but we were renting an apartment at the time. My wife encouraged me to buy it anyway, but without a garage or a place to put it, I moved on but didn't forget about it.

    After my kids were born I was in a conversation about how not many people know how to drive a manual transmission. I proclaimed that my kids will learn how to drive a stick in a DeLorean. A few years later I bought a 3-speed auto, then a 5-speed.

    I started teaching them the shift pattern last week, and my 11 year-old started shifting 2nd-3rd-4th this past weekend....
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    I was into the car from the first magazine articles in the late 70s. Fascinated by the rear engine/gullwing doors/stainless thing. I was able to see a car in person for the first time at the 1982 Chicago Auto Show. I'd been married a few years at this point, 2 kids, station wagon etc. = no disposable toy income.

    1982 Chicago Auto Show.jpg

    Then, a couple of houses, kids etc. later, finally decided that I "needed" a father/son project car (son was by now 14 or so). Found one locally and the rest is history. It's either a hobby gone wrong (or second career, depending on how you look at it), leading to DMC Midwest.

    My DeLorean is by far my longest-owned car (22 years, next closest is maybe 8 ).

    BTW the father/son project car idea worked out too, he's currently an engineer in the automotive (tire) industry. We'll see if I can hold onto the DMC until his son is 14, only 9 years to go! So feel free to use that line of logic if you need to.
    Dave S
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    I saw Back to the Future in ‘85 when I was 6 years old. That movie taught me that skateboarding, electric guitars, DeLoreans, and not really caring what the principal said was cool. I told my Dad that “they should really make a car like that.” He told me that “they” did. I was hooked.

    Maybe 3 years later, I heard a rumor from a kid on the bus that the Cadillac dealership in town had a DeLorean. My mom took me there and that was the first time I laid eyes on one. She wrote the dealership a letter, thanking them for letting me see the car and asked them to call if they were ever going to move it around the lot. They called and asked her to bring me over for a ride.

    In 1999, I was 20 years old and living in Chicago. Now a very tall adult, I wasn’t sure if I’d fit in a DeLorean. Through DMC News, I got in touch with DMCMW Dave (yeah, 20 years ago!). He was going to be showing his car at a car show and offered to let me sit in it. He was also very helpful in helping me find my first DeLorean, and with fixing a bunch of its issues.

    So yeah, a combination of the movie, going for a ride at a young age, and a community of folks like Dave convinced me that this was for me.

    Christian Williams, Bay Area
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