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Thread: Just purchased lower ball joints. Different design?

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    Just purchased lower ball joints. Different design?

    Hello gentlemen,

    Just purchased some lower ball joints last week and upon receiving them, they are not exactly what I was expecting.

    Has anyone seen this design before? There are no grease fittings (nor was there a COO designation anywhere on the packaging or the ball joints themselves, which I find strange).

    Just looking for any information on these before I go to the trouble of pressing them in.


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    Definitely a different part. What vendor?

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    .. A big one (I don't want to go there yet until I know what I have. hah)


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    Decided to pull the boot to see what was going on under there.

    There appears to be a bit of yellow/orange grease, but also just a dollop of grey grease just on top of it (Not in the ball joint. Just kind of like a tiny blob was injected on top, so not really doing anything).

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    DeLorean Go supplies the best ball joints on the market. Accept no substitutes.
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    I would have to agree with Chris

    They don't look familiar to me, or match any of the photos on the usual websites, assuming you mean a DeLorean specialist vendor.

    Have you seen the 1000s of pages of lower ball joint and lower ball joint failure threads? Particularly the extensive research on taper angles etc....? The UK made one we sell (not the "UK style" copies) hopefully speaks for itself by now
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    I would imagine someone has redesigned the ball joint to be a sealed unit. If this was a cross referenced part from Special T then it's a hard "No" for me. If it has actually been made especially for the DeLorean then I would have no problem using them as long as it was from a well known vendor(cough cough DPI)
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    Not from us. But thanks Michael.

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    Nah not from Josh, from DMCH.

    Just concerned that I received a different product than purchased (different than the picture depicted), no Country of Origin on the product, and the little sploosh of grease on top of the manufacturers grease is a little odd.

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    I, too, recently purchased some lower balls.

    My engine twists my frame.

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