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Thread: 2019 plastic expansion tank options

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeLoreanGo Arran View Post
    The cap is 1357776 - which is the correct 15lb / 1 bar one. Obviously you don't want the 1.5 bar one. Colours do vary, but generally it is white, yes - some aftermarket ones are black, I think some are even yellow. Generally the green ones are 22PSI/1.5bar - you don't want that...

    Although it is used on the various normal Volvos (the usual ones that we are all familiar with) its main use these days is on a boat engine, and this diagram might help - - in some cases you will need to buy the bracket separately - I can't remember off the top of my head how it attaches on the car - as mentioned the only real issue is the hose outlet which just needs a reducer to get to the correct size.
    Appreciate the help & part numbers! That Looks like fabricating a bracket should be fairly easy. I'll post a follow-up photo once fitted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FABombjoy View Post
    Haha, is there a particular flavor of gatoraid that comes in a 20psi-rated bottle?
    It is the electrolytes that are important!

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