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Thread: Binnacle restoration source?

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    Binnacle restoration source?

    Hi folks,

    The time has come to get my binnacle restored. I'm wondering if anyone has a good Stateside lead on a place that does a good resto, or exchange, now that Hervey is gone?
    - I got a quote from Just Dashes, on the advice of Josh at DPI. $800, 4-5 months lead time
    - Grady's only doing them for in-house work,
    - DMCH advised me to use a local upholstery shop

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    Just dashes is the best result you're going to get. You can also pay a percentage to speed up your item on the queue - I had my rear speaker panels done in under 3 weeks.
    Here is another option:

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    Any pictures of the binnacle and dash from just dashes?

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    If your binnacle is cracked like mine was, I opted for a new leather covering from J&F Customs in Great Britain. They sell on Ebay.
    I bought the new leather skin from them and had my local upholstery guy fit it to the binnacle. I think I paid my local guy $200 to
    repair the cracks in the original cover and then re-skin it with the new cover.

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    -Toby at DPNW had a guy, he moved away, not doing them right now
    -Wells Auto used to do them, but don't anymore.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Will update this thread with which ever way I go.

    I opted for a new leather covering from J&F Customs in Great Britain.

    That looks like a quality piece, but that stitching around the edge would drive me nuts if it wasn't 100% straight
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    Don Steger in LA has an upholstery guy that is recovering binnacles. They look good. You might want to reach out to him. He's pretty responsive on FaceBook.
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    Ended up going with DMC-CA on this.

    While not the original style, they had the best looking stitching and leather.

    I'll post pictures when I get it back.

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    I had my entire interior reupholstered (43 individual pieces) by the Tin Lizzie Affair here in Dallas: a few years ago. A very nice old school style shop who take their time and do it right. I highly recommend Lucinda and her team.

    My only problem with having my interior re-done - and this is not at all related to Tin Lizzie - is that every piece became ever so little thicker which means that fitment was TIGHT during reinstall. Door panels for ex were a bear to get back on. Also, where the AC duct butts up against the door created a persistent squeak while driving down the road.

    One interior problem that I am still having: After the binnacle had been recovered with the now slightly thicker material, the one-piece trim (name?) that sits around the instrument cluster inside the binnacle recess no longer fit as the "hole" became smaller ie the trim piece is too long and buckles. If anyone has a neat fix for this I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Here's a recent pic of my binnacle restoration from a few years ago. It's holding up pretty good, I can only see a shadow of the original damage if I look closely and light it at an angle.

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    That looks good Rich.
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