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Thread: repainting the trunk area

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    repainting the trunk area

    I'm thinking about restoring the scratched up trunk area by sanding with 36 grit sandpaper, then having a truck bed liner (the least course/most smooth one they have) sprayed over the trunk surface. Anyone else ever do this? I saw one at the Springfield, IL DCS and it not only looked great, but seemed very durable as well.


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    I haven't done it to a D, but would suggest that 36 grit is too coarse. You only need to clean/scuff it enough for the spray to bond. Also, use a type that resists heat and claims to be flexible or it may be prone to crack and/or chip off.

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    It's just regular fiberglass so I wouldn't go any coarser than 100 grit and use 220 for the final sanding prior to painting. On mine I painted with flat black rustoleum topped with flat clear coat from napa. Just get a $9.99 HVLP gun from Harbor Freight and put on a couple of coats. I also replaced all the
    sheet metal screws with stainless steel for a little bling. I cut up a 1/8 plywood and contact cement glued it to the carpet so now it is stretched on the board with
    no wrinkles.

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