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Thread: Oil light on, no oil pressure, car stopped

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    Quote Originally Posted by eugenepeabody View Post
    Hi Ron, I did the starter fluid in the air metering plate and the car would briefly start. That was immensely helpful in troubleshooting. Thanks.
    That indicates it is a fuel problem (especially if the engine will at least start most every time you try it...). Forget the ignition system for now. Concentrate on whether the pump is not giving the fuel system what it needs or the rest of the fuel system is not doing its job. Turn the key on-off-pause several times (without cranking) and listen for the pump to cycle. Then check whether the air plate offers resistance when you press down on it or it bounces ~freely when you tap it firmly with your finger. This will tell you what to do next.

    Quote Originally Posted by eugenepeabody View Post
    I tried the RPM relay jump, but only had a paper clip handy and I'm not sure it did it well. The car didn't start that way either, but the "low fuel" light would come on.
    If the paper clip was working, you should hear the pump running.

    Jumping the relay shouldn't affect "low fuel" light. Weird!
    If the plate doesn't offer resistance in the test above, I'd follow Jonathan's suggestions and check the wiring at the pump-sender unit first. (A mouse might be setting up shop or ??)

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    Just a thought. Maybe your gauge is lying.

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