I changed the oil in my 3.0L the other day, and used the PCV (I think that's what it's called?) thing on the passenger side valve cover. I was going to use the filler on the driver's side valve cover until I realized that while the A/C line clears the cap, it isn't actually possible to remove the cap with the A/C installed.

In any case, I forgot to put the cap back on. I then drove around for a bit and noticed a high idle. When I got home, I found that the cap was gone, and the vacuum line it was hanging off of still firmly attached to the engine and sucking in air.

I still had the 2.8L filler thing, so I put that in instead. I thought this would be fine, but it's not. You can clearly hear air being sucked in through the vacuum line, and I still have the high idle problems.

It seems to be difficult to find the 3.0L thing to order a replacement, in part because I have no idea what it's called. The 2.8L fits in the valve cover, but either it is incompatible or it is plugged up and isn't letting enough air pass. Do these things get plugged up? I'm betting mine is original, so it wouldn't surprise me. The design is different from the 2.8L vs. the 3.0L; instead of the single-piece filter-like setup of the 2.8L, there's a "three discs on a shaft" setup with a separate cap on the 3.0L. I assume this lets more air flow from the engine and is why the 2.8L cap isn't working?

I have a broken 3.0L cap (from when I transported the engine and didn't pay attention to where the ratchet strap ran), but only the bottom part of it; I seem to have lost the top part, so I can't glue it back together.

So my questions are:
- Does anyone know what this cap is called on the 3.0L?
- Does anyone know where to get it?
- Should the 2.8L be compatible with the 3.0L?
- Is my 2.8L cap just plugged up? Is that a thing that happens?
- I assume this exists for a reason, and that just plugging the end of the cap isn't recommended.


-- Joe

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