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Thread: ALIGNMENT specs with upgraded suspension?

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    ALIGNMENT specs with upgraded suspension?


    I have Eibach upgraded suspension and wonder when i get an alignment if i use the same specs as stock suspension?

    I believe these are stock:
    Toe-In: 3mm (0.12 inch) per wheel
    Caster Angle: 3.5° to 4° Positive non-adjustable
    Camber Angle: 0° to 0.5° Negative
    King Pin Inclination: 6° ± 0.5° - 0° non-adjustable

    this is taken from maintenance manual :

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    That’s a great question. I have the Eibach setup too but I haven’t needed an alignment yet. Contacting DMCH directly is probably the way to go.
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    The answer is yes, but. If you lowered the ride height you may not be able to achieve all of the specs. Get the specs and the procedure from the Service Bulletin ST-34-1/82 and don't forget the rear specs. You also need the torque specs and make sure the recalls have been done.
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    so just bring in a copy of that Service Bulletin ST-34-1/82 and they should be able to figure it out? It is lowered btw

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    your camber will likely be out of spec, especially in the rear.
    Without adjustable rear links you can only adjust the toe front and back, 1/8" in all around.
    Everything else is just a reference. Even if it is out there is no way to change it.

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    ok! thanks

    my biggest concern is the front as the tires are wearing weird and i'm getting new tires!

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