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Thread: Significant automatic transmission leaks

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    Ah, I misunderstood:
    I thought you were saying that your friend was confident...but you were worried about the cost of the special tools (mentioned in the manual). And on the die first, it seemed you were not sure if they were sharing. If you are, whether you are going to skip the clutches or not, don't forget the gear oil needs to be flushed out of your lines, cooler(s), and converter. Ya don't really need to add die after you have it back together (If you can tell now w/o it, after all of the cleaning, new fluids and level checking, you won't have any problem telling later ;-).

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    No problem. My friend is confident he can reseal the transmission. He's not confident about replacing the clutch packs. Before he switched to classic cars he worked at a Mercedes dealership and had to change clutch packs a few times. He found that you could be doing everything right, and still knick the pack and damage something, so he's wary of doing that on any car now. I have no idea how that trans compares to the DeLorean's, nor how likely something like that is to happen when working on the DeLorean transmission.

    I sort of wish the trans was fried (or more fried), since then I'd be less worried about breaking something when taking it apart. With the engine swap, I was being really careful not to mess anything up in the 2.8L right up until I a hole in the block. After that, the engine became a learning tool to see how everything went together, and if broke something it wasn't a big deal. That, and a 3.0L engine is only a few hundred dollars, so if I screwed that up I could get another one pretty cheaply too. With the transmission, screwing up has a much higher price tag.

    We'll definitely flush the entire system, including the cooler and the torque converter. I was thinking the dye would be a way to be absolutely sure the repair was done correctly, but you're probably right that we don't need to bother. It took me a few months of wondering why I was seeing transmission fluid coming out nowhere near where transmission fluid normally is to realize that it was leaking into the final drive, but now I know what to look for.


    -- Joe

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