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    I'm wanting to flush my coolant before winter storage. I've got the green version in the car now. However, I use Prestone in all my other vehicles and always have it on hand. I'd like to switch the DeLorean to Prestone. The Prestone literature says it's compatible with all other coolants. Anyone know of any issues switching to the yellow?


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    The last time I researched this I was directed to a engine restorer for old cars. He basically said coolant chemistry has really evolved over the years. If you are changing your coolant every 3 to 5 years you are fine. He did advise against the orange stuff GM was using for a while that you supposedly didn't need to ever change... so yeah, sorry, no documentation or anything, just relaying what I was told to use for a 1949 Chrysler and every other car as well.

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    I donít recall the DeLorean requiring anything special coolant wise. You should be fine.
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    Stay away from any of the "exotic" stuff. It is expensive and unnecessary. The good old green stuff is just fine. Mix it 50/50 with soft water. Test it annually for strength and PH. Flush and replace it every 5 years.
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    Thanks for all the help. I just wanted to see if anyone found some odd issue using Prestone antifreeze to replace the "good ol green stuff".


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