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Thread: VIN 4519: 14-year "garage find"

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    VIN 4519: 14-year "garage find"

    I brought 4519 home today; it's a very nice condition non-runner, was "running when parked" ~14 years ago.

    Oct. '81 build
    Grey interior
    Grooved hood
    25,362 (I believe) original miles
    Three(?) owners
    Always garaged, and appears well cared-for.

    I began the purchasing process in October; the PO is a really nice older guy and we have become friends. I hope to return for a visit someday and take him for a ride. I intend to put this car on the road and sell 4728.

    Here is an Andrew-style list of the good, bad, and ugly...

    The Good:

    The stainless: close to #1 condition
    The interior: close to #1 condition
    "Always garaged"
    Binnacle and dash are in perfect condition
    Miles appear to be original at 25,362
    Original trip reset is still intact
    Fascias are very straight
    Haven't yet found a rodent nest
    Solid frame
    Engine turns freely by hand
    OEM fuse box has no melted positions
    OEM Craig radio
    Sunshade louvre is in perfect condition
    It appears the roofbox is secure
    Small stash of parts

    The Bad:

    It's dirty/dusty
    Engine cover stay is broken
    Leaking steering rack
    A few areas of surface rust on the frame
    Passenger side tow loop broken-off
    Sagging headliners
    Needs tires
    Needs a few lugnuts replaced
    Antenna doesn't work
    Hood release is wonky
    Original coolant bottle
    Door lights and one taillight doesn't work
    Steering column canopy needs a threaded insert replaced
    Needs a lift piston set
    Steering wheel and hazard switch are upside down

    The Ugly:

    Needs a fuel system rebuild, and smells like bad gas
    Brake & clutch hydraulics need rebuilding

    ICYMI...In my other thread I mentioned Jimmy sent me his working K-Jet parts, so that should put me miles ahead since it appears the running issue is fuel-related. Thanks again Jimmy!
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    My VIN:    4519

    "Day 1 pics:"

    (The "line" on the binnacle is something on my lens.)

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    If it was running when parked then it's just ran out of gas. Put some gas in it and enjoy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    If it was running when parked then it's just ran out of gas. Pit some gas in it and enjoy!
    LOL...right on, brother!

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    No problem Rich glad to help. I'll get the other 2 fuel lines out to you this weekend hopefully

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    Congratulation on your purchase

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    First wash

    Today I was fortunate to have nice weather: sunny and high 40's. I really wanted to wash the car, but since it's a non-runner and my driveway is a small hill, it's not a good situation.

    I came up with an idea that worked: I rolled the car out of my garage to wash it, and used a "come long" winch to pull it back uphill and into my garage when I was done.

    The first wash is really satisfying. I can't do much with my arm in a sling, but getting the car clean felt very productive. My 11-year old daughter helped me wash it, and took charge of winching the car back into the garage. She had mentioned wanting to participate in the restoration, so she was pretty jazzed to have an important job on day one.


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    The car looks beautiful!

    Supercharged 5.3L LS4 + Porsche 6spd
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    Wow, what a time capsule.

    My engine twists my frame.

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    Did some one-handed work today, assessing the tank, and removing the pump & sender so I could seal the openings. My garage isn't so stinky now.


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