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Thread: Hi there, wanna get together and build an arduino bases TCD? Time circuits display

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    But I would be interested in your least expensive displays...
    pm sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpistocco View Post
    The enclosures are readily available...and reasonable.

    Care to share when I can find them on a custom made measure?

    The original LMB Heeger boxes unfortunately donīt fit my pcb. So I had to make custom boxes.

    The same will happend to the enclosures. the total width of my TCD is 260mm in the boxes alone. If you add the thickness of the two lateral enclosure plates it can reach as far as 265mm

    For lenght (depth) in the upper section is 100mm, the lower section (which is hollow) has a length of 170mm

    The height is 168mm, each box has 55mm of height. Plus upper lid thickness

    Iīm about to get some 6061 aluminium sheets in the original thickness. Then I can have them cut here and give it the original look. Only problem will be to find someone that can solder aluminium to give the original look in the corners.
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