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Thread: Key codes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich_NYS View Post
    I want to verify the key code for my car; it appears the tumbler was re-keyed, I want to make sure the key code under the headliner is accurate.

    The PO gave me the original assembly (ignition switch/tumbler/column thing) with a matching key, as well as two keys to the car that work in the ignition, doors, and storage compartment.

    IIRC, James Upset Epsey can decode a key using a pic....can anyone who has done this confirm/deny that is correct? Can all the DMC vendors do it, or only James?

    I sent a pic of my current working key, door writing, previous key that works with the replaced ignition switch assembly, and proof of ownership.

    They quickly verified the code on the door matches the currently working key. The key that matches the [replaced] ignition switch assembly is a different code, so I think the PO replaced the entire assembly, but swapped the cylinder instead of all the other locks on the car.

    I also sent key code info for 4728 so they'll have it in their records....maybe that'll help the future owner someday. I know of another owner that was able to get a lost key replaced due to DMCH having his key code on file, it saved the cost of a locksmith.
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    It is possible to send the ignition cylinder out and have it recombinated so the door key will work in it (as long as you have the 1 key system). If the door key will fit into the ignition it should be possible. A locksmith like Jesser Keys can do it. That way you will only need the one key to drive the car.
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