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Thread: 1982 DeLorean For Sale

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    1982 DeLorean For Sale

    1982 DeLorean DMC-12 for Sale near La Plata Maryland. 46, 769 Miles. Pictures, Price, & Contact Information Below.

    Sale Price, $35,000.00 Firm. This respectfully, is the lowest amount I would have ever considered for the car, so instead of trying to list higher or negotiate, I believe it makes more sense to just cut to the chase. If the car doesnít sell at this price, thatís ok as Iíll just hold on to it until the time is right.

    Clean title in hand and ready to go. For safety reasons I will accept 2 methods of payment. 1. Direct Deposit. 2. Certified Check. Please note if you chose certified check, I will draw up a Bill of Sale and wait for the allotted 5-10 days for the funds to clear. Once all for funds are verified, I will sign over the Title.

    The car is in great shape and runs/drives well.

    The car went through maintenance in DMC Houston back in 2017, and I have kept a copy of all work and maintenance performed. There is way too much to list here, but they went through the car with a fine-tooth comb to make it an everyday driver. The transmission was even rebuilt and all new fuel components were installed. I will happily provide information to any true inquiring buyers.

    I recently added the Wings-B-Cool temperature cooling system controller and flushed the system. It also has brand new fans from DMC Houston.
    Other minor maintenance that I felt comfortable performing such as brakes were ordered from DMC Houston and installed on my end.
    The louvres, engine bay cover, and front and rear fasciaís have been professionally repainted and restored.

    The seats have been professionally restored with new black seat covers. The floormats are custom and completely spell out DeLorean vs. the typical DMC.

    DMC badging was added to the steering wheel as well as the DeLorean lettering on the passenger side.

    Minor modifications were made to make it more modern, i.e. a flip up navigation, Bluetooth, radio was installed with a backup camera. The tray holder was also converted into a cup holder as DeLoreanís do not contain any cup holders as you may or may not be aware. LED Light strips were also added and wired underneath the DeLorean lights. They illuminate when on and shut off when brights are activated. Keyless entry was also installed.

    I have a brand-new DMC Car Cover never used that I will through in, as well as all 3 DeLorean booklets/manuals, any DeLorean spare parts I have, a 90 Piece Craftsman metric toolset, and another toolkit bag I have with all brand-new jumper wires, fuses, etc. See Pictures.


    Send me a message if interested orÖ..


    Phone: Call or Text (940)642-5491.
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    That's interesting that it's a TN plate and and is still registered with the state. What is the cars history in TN?
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    Hey Jesse!

    The short answer is....nothing. My wife and I are a military family and that's why we register it in TN. I bought the car in May 07 from Folley SC, and took it back to Florida with me where we were stationed for over 8 years until it got a tune up and restoration at DMC Texas. It then returned to us in 2017 at our current duty station of Maryland.

    Very Respectfully,
    Jared Dellapietro

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    Hi Jared, is your car still available?

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    Yes it is still available at this time.

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    That's a pretty clean car! Still for sale?
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    Yes sir it is.

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