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Thread: Auto trans dipstick tube in stainless?

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    Auto trans dipstick tube in stainless?

    Anyone know if there is a stainless version of the auto trans dipstick tube available for sale somewhere? I didn't see one. Houston and DeLoGO both offer replacements that I believe are made of the original material, which is not stainless steel from what I can tell. Although it is hard to tell just looking at the pictures. The write-up doesn't mention SS, which I think it would if it were made of it. This is p/n 106770.



    Mine is not in great shape and has a constant sheen to it like it's weeping ATF. That's probably not happening, but I'd still like to get a new one in there, even if it isn't an SS one. Thought I'd ask around to see if there were SS ones out there before buying one of the ones listed above.


    Pic showing a portion of the one in my car right now, hence the interest in getting a new one!


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    I don't think anyone offers that part in S/S. Most people hardly notice it and anyway it would only fit the automatics of which there are not a lot of. I can offer you a used one cheap and you can paint it anything you want. Yours looks like something melted onto it. You could just remove your old one,, sand it, and paint it. If you do remove the dip tube get a new seal and make sure to fasten the tube with the bolt. On one car I saw, the bolt was missing and the tube came right out when I pulled out the dipstick! That was a surprise! If your transmission was overfilled it can cause fluid to drip out the top of the tube. Check the level as per the Service Manual procedure.
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    I don't try and improve things on my car because of what other people notice, Dave. If you don't understand that concept, you're even more clueless than I thought.

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    We are finishing product testing on an updated stainless dipstick tube on Deckers 16128 Auto twin-turbo car currently. This will be available to owners in the near future.

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