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Thread: Average length of ownership

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    Average length of ownership

    What do you guys think the average length of ownership of delorean is? It seems to have quite a turnover, although there aren't many specific marquee cars that I follow, so maybe it follows the same "life cycle" as every other classic car...

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    Going on 32 years....

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    My father purchased 02378 New in October of 1981 and had it until he passed in 2018 so 37 years. I've been a Delorean owner since 1999 so 21 years. My son has been an owner since December 15, 2019 so one month.

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    Over 10 years for me so far, and I plan on keeping it forever.

    I donít think the car has a high turnover rate at all. It just appears that way because there are so few, and the vast majority that do go up for sale end up getting posted or linked to here or on a few facebook pages or something.

    For context, Iíve gone through 4 daily driver cars in that same time period of my Delorean ownership. And each one of them I was sure Iíd have that car for ages to come.
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    The original owner of my car had it from new in 1981 until he unfortunately passed away in 2008. His family hung onto it for a further 5 years and then sold it to DMCFL in 2013 (32 years total). I purchased it 2 months later, so 7 years so far for me. I plan to pass it down to my children.

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    Coming up on 11 years next month.

    Funny, all the people who told me it was junk, just passing fancy, novelty will wear off in a year, have strangely gone quiet. I have had this car through their wedding and divorce, and most of them are on like their 3rd so called "dream car" in the same 11 year period.
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    Mine has been within my family since roughly 1987. I took primary ownership several years ago. I think it probably falls similar to other classic cars. Some will buy with great intentions, yet never find the time, or underestimate the expense, and decide to sell. I don't think the Delorean has any unique characteristics that cause it to be sold more than others. Although perhaps there's a noticeable uptick in recent sales as the values have shot up fairly significantly in the last 5 years.

    I do not plan on ever selling 05431... but never say never I suppose!

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    6 years of ownership here and still in love with the car. I wont ever sell, if i have financial issues, ill be living out of it.
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    I am going on 15 years for mine, although it was in storage for 5 years while I was over seas. I don't think I will ever sell it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riley88 View Post
    I'll be living out of it.

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