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Thread: Average length of ownership

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    24 years this year..... 2nd owner ... wonder if I can be buried in her ...

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    I was an owner for 5 years. Bought my first DeLorean at age 19 when I was a sophomore in college... and ended up getting out of the hobby a couple of years after graduating when I was a struggling young professional. This October will be 15 years since I sold my DeLorean... I never intended to go this long without buying another, but life keeps getting in the way, and the cars keep getting more expensive. Hopefully this year I'll buy another, since I finally bought a house last year and it has a garage that's calling out for a DeLorean.

    Having been in the DeLorean community over 2 decades now, there are definitely trends when it comes to ownership. So many folks buy a car, and get burned out when issues start arising. Those folks usually only keep their cars 2-5 years. If you can make it past the initial hump and flush out all the gremlins (and life is good to you), odds are you'll keep the car for a long time!
    Louie Golden

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    I bought mine in January 2002 with 6,500 miles on the clock. I'm now on 83,000 miles (the last 5000 were on the LS3 which has 4000 miles). The PRV went to save another DeLorean as did the transmission.

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    Bought mine January 2018 so just over 2 years of ownership. Hope to never need or want to sell it!

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    I've had the one I consider "mine" since early 1997 so going on 23 years.

    Of course I've bought and sold a few others. By my count, at least 26 of them.

    A hobby gone seriously out of control, turning into a second career.
    Dave S
    DMC Midwest - retired but helping

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