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Thread: TNDMC: TN DeLorean Motor Club - January 2020 Meet

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    TNDMC: TN DeLorean Motor Club - January 2020 Meet

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    On January 18th, 2020, We (TNDMC) had our second meet and its first of the new decade. One of our newest members who owns VIN 10233, works at Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN. With his help, we arranged to have our second meet at the museum along with a private tour and afterwards, lunch at McNamara's Irish Restaurant. Unfortunately, the weather was not going to cooperate during the first half of the day with rain and moderate wind throughout most of Middle TN but this did not detour any of us.

    Morning Meet
    We all arrived around 10am and did a meet and greet. Some of us had not met others within our group so this was a first for many. We had a total of 6 Owners and 4 DeLoreans and a total of 10 people in our group (baby included). We all talked and checked out the cars. Our guy, Rex, had an Autozam AZ-1 out in the garage and parked it next to the DeLoreans. It is a very neat and quirky early-mid 90's Japanese Sports Car that is also Gullwinged.
    2020-01-18 08.17.46.jpg2020-01-18 10.26.33.jpg2020-01-18 10.26.39.jpg2020-01-18 10.27.04.jpg2020-01-18 10.27.10.jpg2020-01-18 19.14.37.jpg82307859_171220307278401_7605977779422625792_n.jpg82806872_10104794229113453_1172273819788771328_o.jpg82217866_10104794229048583_3178056059923202048_o.jpg

    Lane Motor Museum Tour
    We were taken through Lane Motor Museum on a private tour throughout their Vault and the main showroom. Lane Motor Museum is a museum of different, strange, and/or rare vehicles from the private collection of Mr. Lane himself. From cars, motorcycles, canoes, bicycles, to planes, this place had it all. We spent about 2-3 hours going through the museum itself which you could lose track of time if your are not careful. Many of these vehicles we had never seen or heard of before. A huge thank you goes out to Rex and the staff of Lane Motor Museum!
    2020-01-18 10.59.01.jpg2020-01-18 10.59.52.jpg2020-01-18 11.01.55.jpg2020-01-18 11.02.28.jpg2020-01-18 11.05.28.jpg2020-01-18 11.06.49.jpg2020-01-18 11.12.54.jpg2020-01-18 11.14.21.jpg2020-01-18 11.19.10.jpg2020-01-18 11.25.30.jpg2020-01-18 11.56.00.jpg83693405_10104794229178323_123141131897667584_o.jpg2020-01-18 12.28.06.jpg2020-01-18 12.38.19.jpg2020-01-18 12.05.52.jpg2020-01-18 12.44.00.jpg

    Group Photos and Convoy
    Once we had finished the tour, we all chatted for a while and Barry made the great suggestion of a group photo. Que obligatory group photos below! Afterwards, some of our folks went their own separate ways however we continued on to get lunch. I believe that this was the first time that we all had been in a convoy of DeLoreans going somewhere. Albeit it was four DeLoreans, it was so badass having all of us one behind another and watching people on the road freak out is always great!
    2020-01-18 13.08.14.jpg2020-01-18 13.07.34.jpg2020-01-18 19.14.26.jpg82687160_171220403945058_6099942136961040384_n.jpg

    McNamara's Irish Restaurant
    Once we got there, many people drove around and came up to take pictures including some of the kitchen staff. It's always fun to see people get so happy over these cars. Once we all ate, we stood around and talked shop a little bit more before we all went our separate ways. I followed VIN 10233 out to I-40 and just followed behind him all the way home to Cookeville simply because two DeLoreans are better than one All in all, it was a fantastic day with our TNDMC Brothers and we will be doing it again soon.
    82900017_171220463945052_2119919497082044416_n.jpg82436816_171220430611722_6747953539722510336_n.jpg2020-01-18 13.44.06.jpg2020-01-18 15.22.57.jpg
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    Yeah man never thought I would be the type to be in a car club as I am genuinely not a car club kind of guy but everyone is cool and I am really enjoying it. I look forward to more meet ups. Next time my car will be present. But hey for the record my car was at the inaugural meet lol

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