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Thread: Remote Battery Jumper Terminals

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    Remote Battery Jumper Terminals

    Anyone running Remote Battery Jumper Terminals instead of the stock junk terminal on pontoon?

    Thinking of running a hidden remote battery jumper terminals setup in pass side wheel well area like this:

    Curious if others have done similar
    Dave M
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    In over 10 years I have never used the hot point. What are you doing that you are using the jump point so much that you need a better one?

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    Here is the thread of what I did.
    Dave M vin 03572

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    In over 10 years I have never used the hot point. What are you doing that you are using the jump point so much that you need a better one?

    I can see combining all of those brown wires into one to clean up the spaghetti pile, but anything else seems like going backwards and creating more points of failure to me.

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    Thanks for everyone's input.

    I want to replace the stock jumper post because its small, weak, rusty, and unprotected.

    Ideally a bigger, brass, jumper post like those sold for remote battery jumper terminals in place of it would be ideal.
    You could also ideally run a thicker 0/2ga power cable in place.

    Many Audis, Porsches, Volvos, Land Rovers have battery jumper post terminals like the Delorean, but they have a larger battery terminal size diameter fitting.

    At one point I was thinking of eliminating the stock jumper post on pontoon completely and running 0/2 ga alternator & starter cables straight to battery..... but if you're ever stuck somewhere and need a jump.... you're screwed because normal length jumper cables won't make it from another car to hidden battery compartment of Delorean.


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    The size of the post and the wire seems to be adequate, no one has reported any problems because it was under-capacity. The OEM cover does not protect the terminal well, it keeps rotating over. A strap tie will hold it tight. I would not put the post in the wheel well, it will get covered in dirt. Instead of worrying about the jumper post, work on getting the car reliable so you don't have to jump it. Make sure the charging system is working well. If the battery is over 5 years old replace it. Have the battery tested every year. Use a Battery Tender if the car is not used often. Install a Master Switch. These are things that will reduce the strain on the battery and it will last longer. I agree the wiring harness to the alternator could have been better designed. You really do need an external jumper post because even if you have cables that can reach the battery there is no room to clip onto the negative terminal and very little room for the positive terminal unless you pull the battery out.
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    I removed the jumper post all together. I boost directly to the battery when required.

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    I just use the battery itself. EasyAF to access.

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