Hellllllooooooo friends!

Itís that time again - time for me to start harassing you all about joining us in what I think is one of our most fun events of the year.

This year, Picnic Day will be on April 18, 2020 - in Davis, as always. Iíve filled out the forms, paid the fees, dotted the Iís and crossed the Tís. Our registration is accepted and now itís just time for you to sign up and join in the fun!

Most of you have already driven in the parade with us at one point or another, but for those who havenít - this is a great event, with a ton of energy and a TON of people. Yes, you have to get up pretty early to be there and yes, we do a lot of hanging around waiting for things to start. But we always have a great time doing it - and the parade itself is a great experience. We are one of the all-time highlights of the event, and given that itís entirely student-run Iím starting to get parade directors telling me that they have literally grown up watching us cruise through the streets of Davis and that it inspired them to participate in the parade planning. Putting aside how old that makes me feel, itís pretty damn awesome.

The drive itself is a low-key, low-speed cruise through the UCD campus and downtown Davis itself. Streets are closed, weíll basically just idle along with the doors up and music blasting and harvest the joy we create. Last year we ended the trip at a local brewery which ended up being pretty awesome as well. Iíll plan the afterparty as we get closer to the actual date.

Whoís in? As always, my ultimate goal is to get us to 10 cars. Iíve organized this event for 10 years now and weíve never quite made it. Will this be the year?

Let me know ASAP because we have some paperwork to fill out!

Iíll cross-post this as always to the NCDMC list and DMCTalk, but if you know any other owners Iíve missed who might like to join in, pass this along and let me know!