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Thread: How Do You Drop/Remove The Radiator?

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    How Do You Drop/Remove The Radiator?

    As the title asks, what is the best way to remove the radiator? The cooling system is drained and I will be working on removing it this weekend.

    I understand that the condenser is bolted to the radiator so what is the best way to disconnect the condenser lines? Any trick or anything to know?
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    Try the posts in this thread:

    A note about part of that thread: You don't need to jack up either end of the car to bleed the air from the cooling system afterward. You do need to bleed both ends of the cooling system, though.

    If your A/C is OK do not disconnect the condenser from its hoses otherwise you're looking at a mess of refrigerant and oil and a complete vacuum/recharge episode. After the radiator and condenser are free then separate the rad from the cond and leave the condenser more or less in place. You may need to strap it up there.
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    Turn the assembly to the side when you drop it. You can then unbolt it and leave the condenser leaning against the frame extension.

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