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Thread: What's your "social distancing" project?

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    What's your "social distancing" project?

    Given that my main hobby involves interacting closely with lots of people, I will have a lot of time on my hands. My current task list:

    - New carpet
    - Get the binnacle and passenger side knee pads recovered
    - Get the center console recovered
    - Replace the 2008 sound system with something more modern
    - Clean and clean and clean and clean

    What are you working on?

    Anyone have advice on the binnacle and knee pad replacement? Ideally i'd like them to match. I'd prefer to take the pieces to a local shop if possible, but am open to ideas. I don't believe the DMCH binnacles will ever be produced or I'd just keep waiting.

    Anyone want a rusty Kenwood single DIN dvd player with popup screen? It works, but is a PITA.

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    Possibly porting my Peugeot manifold to match the carburetor spacer so I can use that as an adapter for my 2100 carb.

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    My list is way too long and pic heavy to repost because it was started in December and hopefully will wrap up in the next month. I will just post a link.

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    Started with replacing a leaky radiator, expanded into replacing the s-pipes and repainting the closing plate. Also, installing NW's self-bleeder.

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    I think it was time...

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    I have a dining room table full of parts I'm going to install. Just waiting on the weather to warm-up a little more as it's still pretty cold in the garage. First up are the oil cooler hoses for the auto trans. Been having an ATF drip/leak for sometime now. It'll be all sealed-up before I drive the car again.

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    Making some Torin Blowers for inside of Time Machine. I've got 5 made just waiting to ship. I need more projects hahaha so sick of being home!
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    Iím right in the middle of a rear main seal replacement that turned into a clutch main/clutch slave/ clutch line/clutch/pressure plate/throw out bearing/ Fly wheel re-surface/ hot water valve replacement. If that wasnít enough, all that has now turned into full transmission rebuild. I have leaned so much about my car. Love it!
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    Ill be modeling the engine cover. Had to take the 3d scanner with me due to working from home this week.

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    I'm just sorting out small issues, I had some glass rattling inside my passenger door which I can only assume is from a broken window during a previous owners time with the car.

    Next up figure out why heater blower won't work on settings 3 and 4 with any consistency.

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