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Thread: Another youtube hackfraud delorean video wooo

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    Another youtube hackfraud delorean video wooo

    Saw this pop up in my feed today. . What to expect,

    -The usual, toxic and mis informed comment section ( why even bother correcting people on even the simplest of things anymore)
    - Yeah i hurd u can get these in texas brand new
    - the gas tank is metal and prone to rust, dont correct me i know i worked on race cars 18 years( jerky boys reference)
    - apparently our cars are worth 10k in running condition now and if you pay anymore, you overpaid because they are heavy, slow, garbage, blah blah etc etc

    The owner who just lets the car rot ( funny story though), and guys working on a car who are more likely to do more damage than good to it just for youtube views. Enjoy, I just enjoy watching any delorean related content I can get my hands, so its still a fun watch. The own says the car was bought by the original owner new for his wife who got an immediate claustrophobic reaction, so they just let the car sit. Seeing some random interior shots of the car, some aftermarket speakers etc im gonna go ahead and assume that was a lie. Really curious as to what will happen to this car though.
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    I had a similar reaction when I watched the video...

    The guy says he bought it for $500? Doubtful. The guy now says he wouldn't sell it unless he got $45k. HAH! And he is now 'getting ready to send it to be restored' - right, do you really think a guy who left a DeLorean parked for 5 years in the mud would then up and spend $30k on a restoration? I mean, a car sitting outside for 5 years just has some leaves neatly piled on top, ready to be blown off by the handy dandy leaf blower they brought with...

    Then, the whole "They bought it brand new, she drove it once and got claustrophobic because the windows roll down, and it never moved again" - then how did it rack up 70,000 miles?

    My guess is that it's all for the lulz and clickz. Just invent a story.

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    Agree..... far fetched... AND putting gas in a dirty fuel system... way to go!
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    It is awful seeing these Bozos make a sad car even worse.
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    I don't understand why anyone would make fun of this. They are trying to do the best they can with limited information and it is also for entertainment. All they have to do is come over to the forum and I am sure there would get volunteers to help them. Many of us have been in similar circumstances. I have met plenty of owners that don't know where their battery is. I agree that a lot of this was set up. Looks to me like they had trimmed all that brush around the car before the video and then put some debris on the car. I hope they all don't get Poison Ivy or ticks from that! No one was wearing long pants. The car pushed rather easily. Most cars that sit have the brakes lock up. That car will need everything. The owner (the plumber) doesn't want to sell it but my guess is he doesn't want to spend $20K on it either. He will take free work on it if he doesn't have to spend any money.
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