I guess it's been a couple of months, so I should do an update!

I've done two more videos since the last update. First shows the process of buying the donor 2019 Chevy Bolt on Copart: https://youtu.be/aVaQtd0LQRI
Second one goes over how I fixed some trouble codes and got the donor running and driving: https://youtu.be/xeBpbdhsARU
Third video will be released in the next week or two (already written and mostly recorded, but needs to be edited) will go over fixing some final error codes and getting the Bolt driving down the street at speeds far higher than is safe.

The Bolt does 0-60 in about 6.5 seconds, and with a few hundred pounds removed it's probably closer to 6.0 - so it's QUICK!! Even without the backend.

Current status is that the DeLorean is sitting empty, with no engine, transmission, or fuel tank. The engine was sold for $2500 and transmission for $1500. The Bolt is fully running and driving, but I'm pretty much stalled waiting for GM to handle the battery recall going on right now. I'm expecting to get a new battery - but it might be months away. I'll try to be as patient as I can and distract myself with other projects. At this rate I'll be happy if I can get the Bolt disassembled by the end of the year.