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Thread: Shift linkage problem?

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    Shift linkage problem?

    All, I suddenly am difficulty shifting into first, second and reverse gear. Iíve got 3 months on my second delorean, and this problem just manifested. Iíve researched the DMC boards and it appears to me i might need a rebuild kit of the shift linkages. Interested in advice.

    Clutch master, slave and braided lines are solid.
    I donít force the shifting, but the symptoms indicate bent roll-pins / pivot bolt (are those the same things?) When I try to get into first, second or reverse, I need to try several times, might work the first time or the up to the fifth, but if I continually try (without forcing) it will ultimately go into gear and then stay in gear normally.

    Based upon what I found on DMC talk, I think It might be worth rebuilding the shift linkage. Thanks for any recommendations in advance.

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    Yes, rebuilding the linkage may solve the problem.

    It may not take all that, though. You may only need to adjust the shifter crossgate cable. The fact that the shifter recently went to a sometimes-works, sometimes-doesn't condition suggests something in the linkage is worn or loose to the point where it needs an adjustment.

    The How To section of this forum has Martin G's helpful video on the adj. procedure.


    Check the bits at 1m20s and 2m20s times, especially the latter. He will explain which way to go on the crossgate cable to address your problem. Further on he will point out the pivot bolt. It's got nothing to do with the crossgate cable. The shift linkage roll pin is also described.

    The Workshop Manual describes the shift linkage adjustment procedure in Sec. F:07:01.
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    Shift linkage bushings yeh, had your exact problem in another car
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