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Thread: Washington Bonded Title

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    Washington Bonded Title

    Hi All,

    Has anyone ever obtained a Washington bonded title? If so how long did it take for the title to be issued?

    I'm in Australia so not something i have had to deal with before. I'm trying to get a DeLorean imported from Seattle that has no title and being told by the seller it could take up to 6 weeks for the bonded title to be issued to him. If this is the case, is there any way to speed up the process or am I at the mercy of the dmv?

    Thanks in advance
    Paul Black - Vin 1919

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    In Oregon, DMVs have suspended all but emergency or dealer transfers. I bought a truck in April and haven't received plates or title yet. The dealer was
    able to go to his DMV and deliver the paperwork but there is limited number of people in Salem working on transfers. My dealer provided paper plate expires
    the end of June but I'm going to keep driving it until I get stopped. My other cars are near expiration but I think the police know it can't be done and the
    courts who are also not in session would not impose a fine. I think 6 weeks is his guess and likely wrong more like 3 months or longer. Here is some information
    you probably have found all ready:

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    Not sure what a "Bonded" Title is. In the US it is just called the Title. As long as it is an original with a stamped seal and is not tampered with, that is what you get. As for when you get it, each State is opening under their own schedules so the best advice is to check in with that State's DMV website for info. For now no one is imposing fines for expired registrations or other things that you can't renew but getting new paperwork is a big problem. Under what was normal (before the pandemic) you could expect a Title in 7- 10 days typically unless there was a problem. To export the car you need a lot more paperwork than just a Title. Usually most people hire a person experienced in exporting cars to get the paperwork done and arrange payment and shipping. They also make sure the car gets any necessary work done so it can be imported to where it is going so it meets all of the requirements. As an example I think you must make the car right hand drive within so many days when it goes to Australia. Besides the Title you probably need a Bill of Sale and customs documents to pay the duty fees.
    David Teitelbaum

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    I bought a truck with a bonded title from Washington. It took the surety company a week to send him the title and the DMV five to send him the title. So the time sounds right.
    Same paper with a red stamp saying "BONDED". It will appear on any title issued for the VIN for 3 years. (Meanwhile, document every penny and hour you invest in it in case the surety company has to pay for a broken heart ;-).

    FWIW, I later found out that 13 states do not accept them.
    ...No problems since we had possession and were after a very low mileage drive train.

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    Thanks for the responses guys. Looks like I will just have to play the waiting game. I have imported a DeLorean to Australia before, back in 2010. That was easy as the seller had the title. This time around has been much more difficult. No need to RHD convert in Australia since the car turned 30.
    Paul Black - Vin 1919

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