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Thread: Tacklife rivet nut tool (not recommended)

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    Tacklife rivet nut tool (not recommended)

    I used this tool to attempt putting in some stainless rivnuts for the fenders, but the m5 mandrel slipped out on the 2nd one. It had a 2 year warranty so they sent a replacement mandrel. That one slipped out on the first rivnut I tried.

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    There are several tools similar to this on Amazon, and while they're not the greatest ever, I've found the ABN version of this tool to be acceptable. It's almost identical to yours, I'm sure

    A few things to consider when setting Riv-nuts
    -The die must be well-lubricated, especially with stainless
    -The Riv-Nuts have a grip range, just like regular rivets, you'll need to adjust the tool to provide the right amount of crush for your base material

    It sounds like you had the tool set too tight. It really doesn't take much force to set Riv-nuts, especially with these dual-lever tools.

    I also recommend aluminum Riv-nuts for non-structural applications, as they're easier to set, easier to remove if needed, and provide good corrosion resistance

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    I think the stainless rivnuts I got are the same length as the ones that came with the tool. I also followed their instructions as best as I could. They offered me a refund and I ended ordering the Astro Pneumatics version from Eastwood.

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