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Thread: Museum find!

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    Other things of note not explicitly mentioned by david:
    -Check the alternator belt. mine was old and cracked. It snapped in less than a week of ownership. It's cheap enough and easy to replace. This belt runs the water pump so its crucial that it's in good shape if you plan on driving.
    - have someone spray the car with water and check for interior leaks (especially if you don't have a garage). I had a leak in the passenger footwell. Weather stripping might be bad or not enough caulking from the factory.
    -you may or may not have a working speedometer, likely a bad angle drive
    -trailing arm bolts may need attention
    -interior may get damaged and warped under the heat and sun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elvis View Post
    Tupelo ? near Memphis ? :-D
    Yea Tupelo Mississippi, the Tupelo auto museum

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