1981 Delorean w/ 5 speed. I bought the car about 5 years ago with the intention of restoring it. Everything is there and the body is in great shape, but I have run it since purchasing it. It has twin turbos (the Island Twin Turbo Kit). 26k miles.

I believe the car will run with minimal effort because I bought it from a guy who had it not too long before I got it. It would be a fun car to restore and play with, but I simply have not had the time and after 4 years of it sitting in my garage, I think it needs a new home with someone who will enjoy and give it new life!

back from side.jpginterior_1.jpgcar.jpgengine_2.jpgengine_1.jpgside with trunk open.jpgrear.jpgside front.jpgfront.jpgfront from side.jpginterior_2.jpg