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Thread: Delorean model kit by Lee Seiler

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    Delorean model kit by Lee Seiler

    Hello, I'm a new member to the forum and although I don't have Delorean (much to my dismay) I do have a rather extensive collection of models. To check them out click the link below, I have over 390 of them\deloreanmodelcollector

    I'm currently looking for the Lee Seiler kit produced in the 90's, if anyone has one for sale or knows of one for sale please contact me. Thank you.

    IMG_4871.JPG delorean-sports-coupe-model-kit-hand_1_bfa140d03ee36fa19badc949a8bc922c.jpg delorean-sports-coupe-model-kit-hand_1_bfa140d03ee36fa19badc949a8bc922c1.jpg

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    I think they are pretty hard to find nowadays.
    I have waited many years to get mine from him.
    You can see a few pic here:

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    How much would you be willing to pay for one of these models?


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    I still have mine, unopened sealed box, signed by John DeLorean probably at the DCS in Cleveland in 2000. Hopefully there is something actually inside the box!

    Open to reasonable offers, I'm never going to do anything with it. JZD signature might be worth as much as the model! If it gets goofy I'll put it on eBay but I'd hate do to that. I really hate dealing with eBay.

    If nothing else here's some photos of an interesting bit of history.


    I also have a couple of the BTTF trilogy kits and a couple of Japanese BTTF kits. All unbuilt. Same deal. Details on request.
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    I totally forgot about these things. Back when they were released I ordered 1 and ended up getting 2 of them in the mail. I can't remember how the rest unfolded but it ended with Lee threatening to take me to court if I didn't send the other one back (#54 was the number on that box). I'm not sure the number on my original box though.

    I do remember opening the box and realizing it was garbage.
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