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Thread: Front License Plate Options

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    So if happened. On my way to a car show (for a CHKD charity I might add) I was pulled over by Hirohito and his pal Adolf of the VA State Troopers. For..... *ding ding ding ding* you guessed it! NO FRONT PLATE! Tried to explain but, but it was no joy on all scenarios for these pricks. Got myself a ticket for 30 bucks, but the bitch of it is the court fees are 66 bucks, and it doesn't matter if you prepay or go to court, you still have to pay the fees. Bummer... Oh well. Whatcha gonna do?

    So I've decided I'm gonna go to court and hope for a reasonable judge, but just incase that doesn't work, I'm planning on installing a hybrid of both the "hide-a-plate" and the SS bracket from DPI that requires no drilling. I'll be buggerd if I'm gonna drill into that fucking fascia. No way man. Hopefully my idea will pan out. I'll post pics when I'm done!

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    I've been pulled over before for no front plate. Just pay the fee and go on with your life. If it's the law in your state to have one then no judge is going to give you a pass simply because it's a cool old car.

    I still don't have a plate on my car either. F that noise. I'll pay a 50 bucks here and there if I have to if it means not having an ugly plate on the front of my car.

    If they make you show proof that you've installed one there are brackets available that mount to the lower fascia/rock screen supports. You can just take it right back off though afterwards.

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    I know it has been a while for this thread ...

    Checkout the retractable license plate on the Tesla (plus it is available for other cars as well). It retracts/deploys the plate like a car dvd player retracts and deploys the larger screen. "But officer, I do have a front plate!"

    Tastefully installing it on the D is another matter.
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    Front Plate

    My plan is to mount the license plate on a pivot below the bumper so it swivels horizontally not blocking airflow to the radiator. At speed wind will push it flat and by the time you get pulled over it will innocently swing down and the cop will say "huh I thought you didn't have a front plate, have a nice day"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark D View Post
    Front license plates are the devil. I refuse to put one on the D no matter what. I've been driving without one for 3 years with no problem in WI.

    I don't have one on my 87 IROC either. About 7 years ago my dad was driving it and got pulled over because a cop tried to laser him to get a speed reading and had nothing to reflect the beam off of. He got a fix-it ticket so I put a front plate on and had it inspected, and afterward took it right back off. No problems since, and there was no fine for the fix it ticket.
    I don't think that my car has ever had the front plate on it... I can say that in the 10+ years that I have had mine I haven't had a front plate on it.
    If I was to get a fix it ticket this is probably what I would do. Put on the plate for 30 min and take it back off when I get home.

    Some cars look okay with the plant up in front, but the DeLorean and other cars like it just was not designed to have the plate out front like that!

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    I've gone with the retractable plate option, but I'm going to try and mount it in the radiator inlet to come up above the front bumper (via a slot added to the rock screen). I'd be concerned about ground clearance, rock damage and dirt jamming it up if it was mounted under the front splitter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth View Post
    I just got the stupid stainless steel bracket, because the Washington State Patrol are just looking for reasons to pull people over, no matter how insignificant (or manufactured).
    You got that right!

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    I installed the DPI bracket out our two DeLoreans. They leave a space between the bumper and the plate so that the plate never scratches the fascia. A friend of mine with another bracket (Grady's I think) wasn't so fortunate. His plate is pressed right up against the fascia and has worn down the paint. Now, he can't remove his plate without exposing a poor liking fascia.

    Long story short, JmDPI 's bracket is batting 2 for 2 so far for me.

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    The Special T Auto Stainless Steel bracket, is it the same exact one that delorean company sells? Does anyone have a pic of special Tís license plate holder

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