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Thread: Spooky flasher problem

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    Spooky flasher problem

    A question to the electric specialists...
    Since a week I have the following problem:

    Switch on the right turn signal -> works as usual
    Switch on the left turn signal -> both turn signals on (like hazard flasher)
    hazard flasher -> works normally

    I tried:
    unplugged turn signal harness connection under the dashboard
    steering wheel turn signal switch bypassed -> problem remains, switch therefore ok
    (Circuit diagram flasher: LGN coming from flasher relay directly connected to GW, only flasher right works, ok)
    (Circuit diagram flasher: LGN coming from the flasher relay directly connected to GR, both flashers working -> wrong!)

    unplugged hazard switch
    Pin 4 and 6 connected (permanent voltage on flasher system)
    Pin 1 and 10 connected -> only flasher right works, ok
    Pin 1 and 9 connected -> both flashers working -> wrong!

    But if the cables GR and GW (behind the turn signal switch) have a shortcircuit, both turn signals should light up even if the right one is flashing?

    Does anyone of you know where in the wiring harness the cable connection between the turn signal switch and the warning light switch is located (red circle)?


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    I had this similar problem. I was doing other things to the electrical system mainly the headlight switch. While backtracking what I had done it ended up being the bulb in the headlight switch that I installed. It wasn't properly seated and was creating a short. I found that also caused the fuses to blow with the combination of the short and blown fuses it would do this. How all that is interconnected I don't know but it must be.

    My $0.02

    Dave B.

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    Hard to diagnose when things are unplugged. The best way is to try and operate the whole system connected. Since the problem seems to be on the left side, the "cure" will be on the left side. Start by removing each bulb and checking that it is the correct one for the spot, it is in correctly, it is not dirty, corroded or burnt out. If dual filament, make sure it is not bad. One one car everything looked good but the 2 filaments had shorted inside the bulb causing weird problems. ON another car the dual filament bulb was jammed in the wrong way. Dual filament bulbs have 2 pins but one is lower that the other so the bulb can only go in one way but they can be forced the wrong way. Sometimes they are not rotated all the way and the base of the bulb touches both connections. Point here is you must be careful with the bulbs that have dual filaments. They can "cross" 2 different systems.
    David Teitelbaum

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    Problem solved!
    One of the diodes connected to the DMC Northwest Wings-A-Loft Remote Door Opening System (flash confirmation for lock/unlock) was blown.

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