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Thread: VIN 4728, '81 5-Speed Grey Interior for sale

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    VIN 4728, '81 5-Speed Grey Interior for sale

    October '81 build, grey interior 5-speed. 37.5K USD negotiable (contingent on work remaining & market demand.)
    Clear title, no liens. ~36,000 miles (believed to be accurate.) Currently titled & registered in NYS, driven weekly.

    Listing the car on the forums before going to Facebook or Auction.

    Restoration thread here:

    Driving thread here:

    There's a limit on pics per post, full set of pics available here:

    Additional pics available on request.


    I've had the car for 5 years and have driven it ~6,000 miles so far. I recently drove 1700 miles round trip to DLG2020. I prefer a potential owner see the car in person for a full inspection prior to sale if possible.

    Currently a carb conversion; runs great and I'm very satisfied, but if K-Jet is desired I have a complete K-Jet system and will negotiate options w/the sale.

    Restoration list, not complete:

    Fuel System: Carb-converted w/Peugeot manifold & mechanical fuel pump

    DeloreanGo UK free-flow exhaust (stock exhaust available if desired.)

    Roof Box restored & secured
    Stainless Lower Strut Mounts
    Front Wheel Bearings replaced
    Frame cleaned, prepped, and painted up to the trailing arm area
    Clutch Master rebuilt
    Clutch Slave replaced
    Oil Sender replaced
    Eagle Premier Starter
    Saturn Alternator
    Stainless Alternator Tensioner
    Stainless DPI Deflector Shield Retaining Strips
    Metal Door Handles
    Integrated Door Pull Strap mod
    Grady Strut Kit
    Rear Facsia repaired & painted
    Rear Fascia SS letters
    Grady Tail Light Boards
    Noico Sound Deadening
    DMCMW Convex Side Mirrors
    DPI Stainless Visor Mounts
    Grady Shifter Boot w/SS frame
    Binnacle repaired
    Headliners restored
    Valve adjustment
    Dome Light (Jeep version)
    Cargo Net restored
    Carpets deep-cleaned
    Complete Interior re-dye
    Tires new in 2019
    Reverse Switch replaced
    Fan Speed Switch replaced
    Original seats restored, condition is degraded

    Steering upgrade:
    Borgeson DD shaft with vibration-reducing U-Joints
    Delrin Steering Column Bushing
    Steering Rack Rebuilt

    Door seals:
    Inner, Outer, Roof Seals, Drivers lower door seal

    Hei Ignition:
    MSD 8.5mm plug wires
    Flamethrower coil
    (Grid bypassed.)

    Delorean EU LCA supports
    QA1 Adjustable Suspension
    Stainless recall brackets
    DMCNW/Toby sway bar bushings

    Brake Calipers rebuilt with new pistons
    Brake Hydraulics rebuilt
    New Brake Hoses
    Zinc Plating on calipers, brake hardware, and misc pieces

    Cooling system:
    Gates 33079 Thermostat
    New Hoses
    SS Header Bottle
    Bosch Water Pump
    Custom Volvo pump pulley
    DMCNW/Toby Fans

    CV Joints:
    Rebuilt joints
    Replaced Hex Head with Socket Head screws

    Upper Door Panels:
    Magnet mod
    Restored with padding

    Rear Infinity REF5002ix
    Front Infinity 529I
    14ga wiring

    Wolo 315-2T
    Wolo 310-2T

    Front Indicators
    LED Flasher relay
    DMCMW Doors & Domes LED's
    Side markers & license plate bulbs

    Items needing attention, not a complete list:

    A/C inoperable (have most replacement parts.)
    Trip Reset Shaft (have replacement parts)
    Binnacle Trim
    Drivers Outer Door Seal
    Driver's tailight intermittent
    Power Antenna (have replacement part.)
    Fuse Box (have replacement parts.)
    Small crack in trunk area
    Console Switch alignment
    Misc [light]Oil leaks
    Three small dings on driver's side
    Passenger rear fender damaged (sale includes replacement fender.)
    Engine cover release
    Lower engine cover stay (have replacement part.)
    Binnacle edge blemished
    License plate light (passenger side, have original part.)
    Engine bay appearance
    Drivers upper door panel fitment
    Rims need restoration
    Needs alignment

    Recently Discovered:

    Steering Rack leak (see pics)
    Driver's Side Axle Seal leak (see pics)
    Blower motor intermittent? (Happened once, working now.)
    Shift Linkage Bushing missing/needs replacement(?)

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    I'll continue to work on the "to-do" list as time allows.

    -Driver's side tail light bulb replaced

    I realized the "full set of pics" doesn't have engine bay pics. I'll get some this weekend, and will continue to add to the album found at the link above.

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    I was asked about items I've had issues with & needed to repair, and any potential gremlins I'm aware of.

    Most everything I've done has been a restoration or upgrade, but here's what I've needed to repair:

    Rear Fascia crack
    Directional Assembly
    Binnacle crack
    Tow hook damage
    Plugged rocker oiler - replaced worn rocker


    Blower Motor didn't work a few times, been fine the last 10x I used it.
    Downshifting into 2nd is sometimes flaky, so I double-clutch.

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    I've had a few inquires, and scheduled an inspection with a potential buyer. Following that, I'll list it on one of the FB pages, then an auction site.

    Add to list of upgrades:

    -Braided stainless clutch line
    -Muffler Heat Shield (DPI stainless)
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    Added a folder with pics from the restoration work:

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    Added engine bay and trunk pics: [/U][/B]

    Additional pics available on request.


    -Driver side taillight
    -Lower engine cover stay
    -Driver side upper door panel fitment

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    (Later this week when I deliver the car, I'll post a follow-up in my 4728 driving thread:
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