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    New Owner

    Hey All, just picked up my new to me DeLorean #4328. Picked it up in Mississippi and drove 1300+ miles back to Massachusetts over the weekend. No major issues. Lost the speedometer at about 1300 miles right before I got home. Driver side door lights don't work for some reason. No A/C, might need some gas. She's a five speed Oct. 81. Sat in a museum since 93. So 27 years sitting, she got new fuel lines, fuel filter, fuel accumulator, fuel distributor, warm up regulator, idle speed motor, idle speed ecu, new battery, tires, struts all around except the driver door for some reason. Found out the cooling fans don't work at all, not sure if it's the fan motors, the otterstat or what. There were no jumper wires where the fan relay should have been either so I gotta fix that. Overall a great little car that needs a bit of work just like they all do when coming back to life! I'll keep everyone posted on the progress, pictures to follow when i get some uploaded.

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    Wow... Drove it home after sitting 27 years. I think you got lucky. Welcome to the forum. Lots of great people on this site.

    Adam Brandt
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    Congrats, that sounds like a brave drive, but from the sounds of it you know your stuff.

    I drove 140 miles back when I did my purchase and I am not sure what to say other than I had to wring out my shirt by the time I was home

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    1300 miles, wow! I drove mine home 200 miles. I had AC, but one of the hoses sprung a leak the weekend after. I got lucky, because that drive home would have been hell without the AC. It's really needed in this car.

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    You are so lucky congrats

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    Welcome. And congratulations.

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    Welcome! 1300 miles home with no real issues is pretty great. I drove mine home about 200 miles and looking back, I'm surprised the frame didn't snap in half.
    04512 since '99

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    Door lights are likely a relatively easy fix. My wires had been chewed by mice; pop off the rubber bezel and take a peek inside and check the bulbs.

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    Congratulations on your new purchase! I remember when I picked up my 1st DeLorean, we drove from Virginia up to New Brunswick, Canada. The East Coast was a nice drive. We lost taillights during that drive. Welcome to the club!

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    What a trip to go home, congratulation.
    Can't wait to see some photos on your way home if you took some?

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