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Thread: Antenna Relocation

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    Antenna Relocation

    I was curious if this was a thing, especially in regards to a right fender antenna. Has anyone moved it to the rear quarter panel like in the later years? Luckily, the right fender is the one you can actually replace with a NOS for 1k or you can have the hole plugged, welded, and sanded. Still more readily available than a left front fender.

    The original radio/speakers have a chassis ground versus new tech having a simple positive and negative; if they had to be removed and rewired anyway then I was curious about relocating.

    For the record, I don't own one. I don't want to say I'm seriously looking, but I have been doing searches more frequently than usual. I have known what I wanted for a long time, 5 speed, gray interior, grooved hood, but I have been delving into the finer details of model year differences: Antenna location, single or two piece armrest extensions, grab handle integrated or strapped, etc.

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    The only criteria that was non-negotiable when I bought my Delorean was also grey, 5-speed, non-flat hood (ended up being a grooved hood).
    The rest, donít worry about. Decide what is a dealbreaker vs what is not, and get the best Delorean you can that meets that criteria. Youíll likely never end up with one if you have a giant list of combinations, as it makes the pool smaller and smaller.
    Iíve seen some moved to the rear vent antenna, but rarely.
    A better solution is a window mounted antenna, or really, itís 2020; just go without.
    Mine had a fender antenna. I hated it. I put a smaller rubber antenna that was much less obtrusive in its place, and not too long ago removed that and have a black plastic plug in itís place. I use a bluetooth speaker when Iím driving. If I ever find a metal plug, Iíll use that. When I have enough disposable income and tackled the other things higher on my to-do list Iíll get the hole permanently plugged.
    5 speed, grooved hood, grey interior (Nov '81)
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    The speaker wires are easily split at the radio. However it's usually worth replacing the 40 year old speaker wire. To get to the rear wire means removing the console at the least, which is also antenna wire routing.

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    Iím not aware of anyone who was moved their antenna. Iím sure it happens but itís just not a priority it seems. Iíve got the windshield mounted antenna that works just fine, but I usually listen to music from my phone through my original radio that has been modified with Bluetooth. That being said, relocating the antenna would be easy compared to replacing fuel lines and other jobs that are way more important.

    I agree with jackb in that you canít be too picky, as it will not only narrow your pool of available cars but it will likely take you longer to purchase as well. Youíre dealing with soon-to-be 40 year old cars. Overall condition should be your top requirement. Things like grooved hoods and non-integrated door pulls can be changed after the fact.

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