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Thread: Cigarette Lighter converted to USB power outlet

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    Cigarette Lighter converted to USB power outlet

    I picked this adapter up Dirt Cheap. I did not know what I was going to do with it. i had to file to outside diameter a little to make it a good fit. ATTACH=CONFIG]64766[/ATTACH]20200818_162513.jpg20200818_162621.jpg20201015_145124.jpg20200818_162545.jpg
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    Nice! Thatís a popular mod. I use mine a lot, especially if Iím using my phone as a GPS.

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    Very cool! I like that you filed it down and retained the factory light ring.

    I opted for a USB 3.0 Quick Charge outlet with Voltage readout. This allows me to keep tabs on how much voltage the alternator is putting out which puts my mind at ease. Not near my car but this is the only picture I have of it at the moment since its a very recent mod.
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    I have one of these in my Firebird. It sits down in there.

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