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Thread: Flap wheel tool

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    Flap wheel tool

    This tool looks like it would be good for resurfacing our stainless. Probably more comfortable than using a drill.
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    Ooo posh like

    I guess you have to buy there specific flap discs mind

    What is the correct Grit for graining ?

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    That looks pretty cool. We'll try it on Michael's car at DLG2021.

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    keep us posted

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    That wheel looks WAAAYYYY too small and stiff to grain our panels with. You need a large diameter wheel that has lots of "give" to prevent from hitting the hard areas and soft areas of the panels at different pressures which will result in a very modeled finish not to mention showcasing the hood X.

    From the looks of the tool's design, you couldn't fit a larger wheel to it either.
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    I've had this tool for years. There are numerous drums you can get for it, I mainly use it to with a stripping drum to eat through old paint and rust on whatever car it is I am restoring and it is much faster/cleaner than sandblasting, much faster and effortless compared to sanding with an air sander. The drums are about 4" diameter and the 120 flapper drum I have is very stiff and also 4" wide so getting nice factory thin, even lines would be tough. I also don't see how it would be useful on fenders or contours due to the size but I haven't tried it - if I had a damaged panel to test it on I would; I'm too afraid to use it on my car without testing it.

    There are knockoffs of this tool on Amazon for much less. I've started getting the drums on Amazon because they're half the price of Eastwood's and the same quality.

    By the way, if you search the FAQs for this SCT tool, you'll find that others have already asked about finishing a Delorean with it so obviously someone has already tried it.
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    This tool can be used but it would take some practice., especially where you have a lot of compound curves What I used was a drive cable and an expander wheel from Eastwood that you hook up to a small electric motor. Uses large scotch brite type bands. Not really good to regrain a car but it works to fix up the grain and remove small scratches.
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    I am currently using a Porter Cable restorer just like the Eastwood tool but at about half the price. You have to be careful in ordering the different grits as the sizes of the Eastwood and Porter Cable are not interchangeable. I had to take some serious buts on my panels due to surface rust (it was kept near the ocean for several years). The
    biggest problem is in keeping it straight. I ended up using wood guides using duct tape to hold them straight. Lowes carries the Porter Cable restorer but you have to get the drum sandpaper from Amazon and it has to be for the Porter Cable model. I ended up with 60 grit to get at the metal defects.

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    Flap wheel tool

    Used a Dynabrade tool (on the hood) much like the one mention here to finish up the stripping on this car. It worked well for removing debris and cleaning up the SS but isnít ideal for a final graining.

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