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Thread: 82 Delorean parting entire car

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    82 Delorean parting entire car

    My uncle passed two years ago. The car from what I remember stopped running for some reason. Talking with him ten years ago it hadn't ran for 20 years then. I've tried for about a year and I can get it to fire on ether without out putting any money into it because they are so expensive to fix. See the pictures provided
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    We will purchase the entire car outright as is. Is this located in Ohio? Please contact us directly

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    I'd be potentially interested in drivers side taillight and the entire instrument cluster depending on price and shipping. Thanks

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    Is the car an auto or manual trans?

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    count me in as interested to take the car whole depending on what you willing to sell it for seems like a project that most people will be capable of completing

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    OP, please check your PMs.

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    Is this car still available for part-out?
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    I believe Josh from DPI bought the car and is going to restore it. I asked him about the car when he put it on Instagram.

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    The OP hasn't logged back in since 10-24-2020...

    EDIT: DPI did purchase the car and expects it to be restore by mid January.

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