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Thread: Wanted seats with good rails

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    Wanted seats with good rails

    I'm new to this forum, joined in hopes of finding parts & occasional guidance as well. Our shop (Impatient Creations) works on restorations/restomods/customs & everything in between. We do not resale. We strictly only deal with customers & their needs. Were looking for some good seats with working rails since the ones in the car sat with sanding water for a decade or more. If you have any fore sale please let as know. Here is a few pics of the car & vin#!


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    Are you looking for new or used parts? Being new to the community I'm not sure how familiar you are with the vendors out there, but certainly one of them would be able to find these parts for you. They would have them new, but if you ask they might have used parts lying around also.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting a few vendors but these are the main ones that came to my mind immediately.
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    Thank you all for the replies. I might also still need whole seats since the old ones are in really bad shape(will know more when they are fully disassembled) The links are super helpful as we are needing parts from everywhere. Yes this is a very early car, first manual transmission one in the states far as we can tell. We work on hundreds of cars (vintage/exotic) cars every year & we don't get to worked up for most but this really early Delorean has up us super excited. We have the progress on our website but I will also try to post it on here.

    Thank you all for your help!

    Alex Lukachi

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