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Thread: 3.0 with 2.8 Heads What Say The Gurus?

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    I have researched this build setup. From what I have determined, the secret to the timing / cam issue is the 3.0 timing chains. One timing chain is Eagle specific based upon the timing marks. The other side chain crosses to a Volvo 760 etc. Thus, as long as you use the Eagle chains and follow the correct procedure to set the same from the shop manual, you can use the 2.8 cams and heads on the 3.0 block.

    With Bill's build he utilized the 3.0 block and 3.0 heads with 2.8 cams. Bill confirmed that the 3.0 and 2.8 cams are the same, but for the timing gear and mechanical fuel pump lobe on the 2.8 cams. From my understanding he opted to go with the 3.0 heads due to their improved flow. However, Bill need to drill a hole in one head for the distributor and a hole in the other head for the mechanical fuel pump. Bill's 3.0 build was carbureted, but if one wanted to run K-jet with 3.0 heads, that would require some serious modifications to the heads.

    The previous posts are correct regarding the need to source an even fire 6 cylinder distributor. Bill used a modified distributor from a 4.2 AMC I-6 engine. In short, the distributor modifications included shortening the AMC distributor to remove the oil pump drive and swapping the drive gear from a stock DMC distributor. Bill posted pictures showing the measurements of the distributor modifications. Since it worked, I would defer to Bill's distributor mod procedure. I happen to have an 82 AMC Eagle, so, just for fun, I test fit an AMC distributor in a stock 2.8 PRV head and confirmed that it fits from a diameter standpoint. The AMC distributor sits higher than a stock DMC distributor, thus, I don't think that distributor would work on a K-Jet build.

    Disclaimer: I have not actually built this engine, I have only researched the build.

    Hope this helps! Keep us posted!

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    Im not sure why Bill didnt just swap heads. Leaving the 3.0 heads on created more work.

    Great note about the timing chains.

    The distributor no longer matters as it is an EFI setup and the RPM pickup is installed in place of the distributor and the computer can be configured for even fire or odd fire easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Im not sure why Bill didnt just swap heads. Leaving the 3.0 heads on created more work.
    In addition to either failed head gaskets or detached cylinder liners, the 2.8 had a bad case of block rot. I had filled two holes with engine epoxy but oil was starting to leak out again.
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