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Thread: Clutch Bleeding Issues

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    Clutch Bleeding Issues

    Reinstalled the clutch master and installed a new Slave, I already have a stainless line .
    But Iím not getting any fluid out of the master when I loosen the line under pressure.
    Nor at the slave
    Any suggestions on how to correct.

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    take the master off and bleed it on the bench like you do with a brake master cylinder

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    Sometimes you get an air bubble in the hose from the fluid reservoir to the clutch master cylinder. That prevents fluid getting into the master cylinder. Make sure fluid is getting into the master cylinder. If you see the hose "sweating" it should be replaced. One way to make sure there is no air bubble is to reverse pressurize the clutch master, you could even do it from the slave cylinder. If you don't have a pressure injector you might have to remove and bench bleed the master cylinder to get started.
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    Aside from trying the bench bleeding mentioned above, I have two other tips:

    1) If you still have the original plastic washer at the slave, replace it with a soft metal one ( copper / aluminum ).

    2) Then, get/borrow a vacuum pump and attach it at the slave. The goal is to pump/ draw the fluid through the line with an assistant pumping the clutch pedal. Do this until fluid is present at the slave. Then follow normal bleeding procedures. Make sure the master doesn't get low or out of fluid as the reservoir is small. The assistant is handy to watch/ refill fluid.

    I had trouble until I used the vacuum pump. Then it was straightforward. I think the elevation of the slave after a long clutch line causes issues, especially when you are starting from an empty system.

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