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Thread: Used OEM parts for sale

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    Locking Gas cap

    I guess I'll buy the locking cap and see if I can get it re-keyed. And you did sell the brake master assembly?
    Chris Miles

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    Speaking from experience : DMCH can re-key those.
    Many years ago, I got my hands on a locking cap w/o key. I brought it to several locksmithes : they couldn't do anything. I brought it to Houston : James took it apart, and made it match my car key. IIRC : cost was around $30

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    Hey Jeff, I could use these:

    Front parking lights 108057
    License plate light brackets 108747 $8.

    Although you're so far away, I can make the drive over to pick them up if you'd like.


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    Locking gas cap
    Front stabilizer bar clamps + spacer clamps

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    Originally the gas cap had it's own key, it was not keyed to the door or the ignition. On the early cars with the gas flap you got 2 ignition keys, 2 door keys and 2 gas cap keys. It is known as the "2 key system" because you had a door key and a different key for the ignition. The door key had a tiny light in the head of the key.
    The 2 key system is no longer supported by DMCH. If you need anything they will tell you to convert to the 1 key system. You can also try Jesser Locks. He has parts and can still service the 2 key system. With the 1 key system you got 2 keys. They were both the same and each worked the doors, ignition lock and cubby. No locking gas cap because there was no more gas flap. You did not get the light in the key but now DMCH can give you blanks for the 1 key system with a light. Codes for the keys were written in marker under the headliner of the driver's door and there was a tiny round sticker on the steering column. DMC converted to the 1 key system because they had complaints about people jamming the keys in the locks. There was a Service Bulletin instructing how to carefully insert the key. My guess is owners were trying to use the ignition key on the doors. DMCH can provide keys by code if you have the code or if you send them a photocopy of a key, they can "read" the codes off of the key. They also have some records of key codes to vin #'s. Using the locking gas cap is a pain, you need to handle the key and the fumes wash out any lubrication and make the lock stiff and hard to operate. Most owners forgo using the locking gas cap.
    If you got the ski rack it came with it's own set of 2 keys that were different from all of the other keys.
    David Teitelbaum

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    License plate light brackets
    Front parking lights

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    Used OEM parts for sale

    Still some parts left with some lowered prices. Parts are located in PA, zip code 16066, and buyer will pay actual shipping cost + cost of part. PM me with any questions or if you need a different picture. Payment would be through Paypal.

    Front springs 100413 $35.

    Lambda ECU 101068 $60.

    LED flasher relay (new unused) 100708A $5.

    L+R escutcheons 101888+101887 (clips are damaged) $15. for both

    Rear closing panel brackets 101546 $10. for both

    Red sidemarker lens 100790 (back removed for project but can be easily reattached) $10. for both

    Front parking light sockets 106268 (one partly disassembled) $10. for both

    OEM water pump 102119 (good for a core or a rebuild) $20.

    Aftermarket OEM style water pump (core or rebuild?) $20.

    Plug wire bracket 102272 $10.

    Auto transmission drain plug 103815 $5.

    Auto transmission oil cooler pipe with one fitting 100448 $35.

    Fuel tank baffle with retainer 110155 $5.

    Upper steering shaft and U joint 100839+100840 $40.

    Trailing arm reinforcement plates 106708 $15. for both

    Fan shroud 100487 $35.

    Fans + motor 100415 $20 for both

    Lug nuts 100181 (all acorn collars are tight) $20. for all

    Bosch ignition coil and bracket 101052 $20.

    Air inlet valve 105952 $15.

    Upper muffler bracket 108200 $20.

    LH (driver side) rear engine cover grille 105607 (note small bent area hit by broken belt) $15.

    LH+RH door sill seals (stainless and rubber) 108285+108286 $20. for both

    Early VIN major exhaust components:

    110576 Front Pipe with 105061 + 105060 L+R Heatshields
    100419 Catalytic Converter
    100420 Muffler 1981 style
    106931 Heatshield, Muffler
    102258 + 102257 L+R Exhaust Manifolds (resurfaced in 2006)
    108200 + 106108 Upper Muffler Bracket + Exhaust Manifold Stove
    105154R + 105153R L+R reconditioned Muffler Brackets
    Miscellaneous hardware

    Most exhaust parts have only a few hundred miles on them since installed at Grady's after accident repair in 2009. They were removed for a DPI exhaust. Current retail for everything is over $2400. per DMCH website. $550. for all.

    Thanks for looking.


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    Fan Shroud

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